Picnic Animation Studio



Why Choose Animation?

Vibrant, sharp and easily digestible animation can be instrumental for stopping scrolling thumbs in their tracks.

Used as part of the wider brand strategy or in a more spontaneous, tactical way to announce news, launches, promotions, celebrations or just because you feel like doing something awesome.


From a more technical perspective, flexibility gives animation a huge head start on live-action: endless adaptations, zero reshoots and fantastic potential for seasonal versions and multi-platform roll out.


Plus with the power of abstraction on it’s side, even the most out-there ideas are achievable in a relatively short amount of time. We believe there’s no reason hot-off-the-press social content cannot be as cinematic, nuanced and intricate as more lengthier stuff.

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Why Choose PICNIC?


Our diverse portfolio gives us an edge on the more targeted studios. Given our wealth of experience with clients large and small, there’s no challenge too daunting or brief too obscure.

Diverse Team

PICNIC is a diverse team of designers and storytellers that can handle everything from animation and illustration to concept, script and sound design. We treat every project with the same level of craftsmanship creating content that captivates and delights.