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“This Is Off The Wall”


HUCK x VANS collaboration “This Is Off The Wall” unearths pioneering artists, sportspeople and communities unafraid to go against the grain. Their latest piece follows VC London, a motorcycle club smashing cliches and inspiring more women take up the hobby. HUCK got in touch with PICNIC to inject some gnarly animation into their live-action footage.


Psychedelic typography indicative of classic 1960’s bikesploitation movies informed the art direction.


Nostalgia-fuelled visuals portray Namin, Gemma and Mai as cultural archeologists reviving a lost subsection of motorcycle history.

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Directed and Produced by PICNIC
Animation & Compositing - Chris Sayer
Director at TCO - Zach Sebastian
Project Manager at TCO - Chloe Dyson
Editor at TCO - Rachel Goldsworthy

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