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UCB Maybe Baby

UCB - Maybe Baby


For many little boys and girls, growing up to have children of their own is a given. Though in reality, the path to parenthood is rarely smooth sailing and often littered with any number of heartbreaking challenges.

One such complication is women that suffer from arthritis and psoriasis can depend on medication that renders them unable to conceive a child. To combat this, UCB have developed a revolutionary new drug that successfully treats these conditions, whilst eliminating the devastating side effects.

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To spread the word, the good folks at 360i asked PICNIC to create a short film that introduces prospective mothers to the alternative


Through the lens of charming hand-drawn animation, ‘Maybe Baby’ tells the story of a young woman dreaming of motherhood


Production Art



Directed by PICNIC Studio
Producer at 360i - Jessica Nguyen-Phuong
Creatives at 360i - Ellie Foster-Middleton & James Wooldringh
ECD at 360i - Scott Walker

Animation Team

Lead Animators - Ed Roberts & Alex Potts
Cleanup and Assist - Katerina Kremasioti & Bianca Beneduci-Assad
Background Artist - Slawek Fedorczuk
Colour Script - Trsitan Menard
Character Design - Ellie Petrova

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Script Writing / Character Design / Storyboard / Animation / Sound Design
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