Mina Song
Co-founder and Head of Strategy

South Korean / Traveller/ Mum  / Attitude  / Marketing and new business / Books / Red wine.


Esther Lalane
Lead Illustrator

Born and raised in Paris, Esther is our in-house illustrator, animator and glittering example of positivity. Given the choice she’d draw all day every day, which is great for us as she’s super-duper talented. Her favourite things to draw are hairy naked ladies and butts. Outside (and inside) the studio she loves eating cheese and jam, wearing stripey clothes and giggling at videos of Shibas wearing costumes.


Sam : Production Assistant

Hiding behind a flurry of eye-wateringly bright vintage shirts is a keen writer, literature grad and amateur television critic. He lends a hand to everything from marketing campaigns, script editing, copywriting and is an indomitable researcher. When not in the studio you can find him running like an espresso fuelled gazelle, scouring East London for vintage gems or drinking with friends in any number of pubs across Essex.


1. Liam O'Connor
Co-founder and Creative Lead

From the real North / Swiss army Man / Film brain / Blood, sweat and black Coffee /


Dan : Illustrator and Animator

Dan was born and raised in sunny Leeds, but moved to London to study and pursue a burgeoning career in the creative sector. He’s a fierce animator, sometimes illustrator and has a truly unique style, which is why we’re super thankful we found him. If you bring anything sweet into the office he’ll devour it in 0.2 seconds, although he has a strong desire to destroy any food that’s both salty and sweet so we have to snaffle that on the sly.


Roger : New Business Consultant

Our new business guru grew up pounding the mean streets of Hertfordshire, until he came to the big smoke to study history at SOAS. When in the studio he helps garner new and exciting business opportunities, using his smooth as a velveteen leopard-skin voice to charm and beguile potential collaborators and clients. He was also in a band for 10 years, singing and drumming in dive bars across London (he still serenades us every so often).

Daniela Hornskov Sun
Head of Production

Film aficionado / Climbing addict /  Languages / Shining beacon of organisation / Schedules / Danish-Chinese / Conversation and cocktails.


Amy : Assistant Producer and Social Media

Amy is our marketing whizz kid, shouting our good name from the top of every social media rooftop. She lives in Peckham and grows her own vegetables (with varying success). When she’s not growing things or eating her lunch at the speed of light, she’ll most likely be cycling across London or playing the violin. She does a truly spiffing job of keeping the studio on track and filled with rapturous laughter. Oh, did we mention that she was awarded a First from CSM in fine art? (She tries to keep that under her hat).