Picnic Animation Studio London


NBC Universal: SYFY 20th Anniversary


NBC Universal asked us to mark Syfy channel's 20th birthday with the most intense, easter-egg-filled, action packed, mid nineties style film we could muster. We created a 20 second spot alongside an online game developed with Realise. Containing our giddy, nostalgic excitement we promptly cracked on with creating a vast Rama-like structure floating in space, housing cities, oceans, space battles and other alien paraphernalia.  


PICNIC took the lead on production and character design, music, illustration, animation, overall world-building. Twenty years worth of Syfy (and sci-fi) properties are jam-packed into 20  seconds.


Additional Credits

Directed and Produced by: Picnic Studio
2D Animation: S├ębastien Iglesias, Harry Slinger-Thompson 
3D Animation: David Calvet, Thibaud Clergue
Sound Design: Daniele Carmosino @ Danca