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Picnic Studio - Asics

We were approached in December 2014 to create a 90 second anime for an international sports brand. We produced a huge body of material with some very talented people. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled a short time into animation. We loved the project so much that we felt the work completed deserves to be seen.


A boy and girl make their way toward each other across an urban sprawl.
They have a date to make and he's late as usual.

She encounters the beauty and poetry of the city and night - freshly painted street art and music blasting from the grimy windows of underground clubs. Agile, she moves with ease in the environment wearing her (INSERT BRAND NAME).

He's in trouble again - running from bored gangs and bored police. But the whole city is his territory. The rooftops, train cars and alleys offer a thrilling gauntlet when he's in his (INSERT BRAND NAME)'s.

Six versions of the film would be set in six different cities. They would all feature street art by a famous name and original music by a well known artist.

Picnic Studio - Asics


While the animation was to be tradition cell animated anime, the look was to be straight out of the monochrome pages of manga books.

Picnic Studio - Asics


The incredibly talented and extremely nice Ricardo Bessa took on the character design.

Picnic Studio - Asics Characters


The exceptionally talented and patient Ainsley Knott illustrated the environments.

Picnic Studio - Asics


We were lucky to assemble a team of terrific cell animators - Sykosan, Sim Marriot and Carlos De Faria.


Farewell, International Sports Brand Job. You were great while you lasted. 

(A flaming arrow whistles into the sky and is extinguished by a sudden gust of wind.)