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Our Time

Our Time
‘Making Sense of Mental Illness’


Our Time is a charity that helps children cope with the effects of parental mental illness. CEO Dympna Cunnane approached PICNIC with an idea for a serialised animated toolkit to aid discussions about mental illness with primary age kids.

To find out more about Our Time click here, and to help fund more material click here.


Research shows that 25% of the school population live with a parent who has a mental illness. Without help, 70% of them will go on to develop mental health problems in their youth, and 40% will require treatment by the age of 20. These statistics demonstrate that we should be doing more to educate young people about mental health.


It can be tricky to get the tone right when sharing ideas around mental health with schoolkids, so we built a script around characters that soften difficult-to-digest information. This way the toolkit gives kids a chance to learn about mental illness in a way that doesn’t complicate, condescend or confuse.


Production Art

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Executive Producer - Daniela Hornskov Sun
Creative Director - Mina Song
Written by - Ellie Petrova, Liam O’Connor
Script Consultation - Maria O Loughlin
Editorial - Daniela Hornskov Sun
Storyboard, Animatics & Editing - Ellie Petrova
Character Design & Artwork - Ellie Petrova
Animation Lead - Ross Plaskow
Animation - Thanh Tran, Ellie Petrova
Music - DanCa
Arrangement - Liam O’Connor
Sound - DanCa
VO - Rebecca Courtney

Executive Producer - Dympna Cunnane
Consultants - Helena Kulikowska, Alan Cooklin, Khirsty McCarter

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