Fancy a PICNIC? 

Here at PICNIC studio, we not only produce animation of the highest quality, but we also try not to take ourselves too seriously. Without a little humour, life would be as bland as a pair of beige brogues. 

That's why our work spanning from TV promos to bespoke GIF's, for clients in the UK and abroad, expresses a love for creating quirky characters and injecting every brief with our own stamp of witty, playful and vibrant animation.  

Some of our satisfied customers include Jose Cuervo, Bacardi, Bloomberg, Western Union, MTV and ITV. 

So take a look below at some of our shining moments and see how PICNIC can provide the perfect medium to boost your fabulous beverages. 

Jose Cuervo

This feisty fiesta of a film saw PICNIC help Jose Cuervo celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The festival itself celebrates an unlikely Mexican victory over French forces, and while the film is bustling, jovial and full of colour, it doesn’t ignore Cinco de Mayo’s historical significance.  

A brief so fresh, vibrant and full of punch you’d be forgiven for suddenly craving a glass of, er, water...because you're at work.

Coke / McDonalds

For this project we collaborated with Munich based production company e+p films, working to embellish existing footage with fabulous 2D animation.We finished this colourful project, sent it over to e+p, and they were extremely fon' of it.

PICNIC Bespoke GIF's

“It’s not how much we GIF but how much love we put into GIFing” - Mother Theresa

Okay, we may have tweaked that slightly. But here at PICNIC we truly are seasoned connoisseurs of the GIF. We live and breathe the medium, constantly on the lookout for more wonderful events in the year to give a little GIF treatment to. Head over to and check out our ongoing series, Every GIF has it’s Day.


That's all folks. 

We really hope you’ve enjoyed sampling some of our stuff. If you’re interested in collaborating with our wonderful team of animators, producers and all round cheery chappies do please get in touch. If we’re being honest, we love providing people with happy distractions so this already serves a purpose.