Picnic Animation Studio

Little Dish Case



Little Dish is a brand of nutritionally balanced ready meals for children free from artificial additives available in a variety of flavours and textures.

Bringing the Brand to Life

Previous commercials for the products featured live action of a typical supermarket trolley to dining table sequence. Disney and Healthy Kids were keen to create brand building and advertising activity that would be more engaging for the target audience.

Original Characters with Personality

It was our job to take the existing characters from off the packaging bring them to life in their own animated world. Initially there were four characters: Crawford the Crocodile, Trevor the Salmon Charlie the Chicken and Amanda the Panda.

Serial Approach to Storytelling

Out of this we crafted four 10 second commercials featuring the characters promoting the particular product that they were related to.

We then created a 30 second piece which brought together all of the characters in a fun, interconnected adventure in which they collected all of the ingredients to make the products.

The ads were aimed primarily at nutritionally conscious parents of toddlers and young children.