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Hopster Pride Launch

Hopster Pride Launch

Hopster is a learning and entertainment service producing BAFTA nominated content for preschoolers around the world. To celebrate Pride Month, we teamed up on two films centred around different types of families.

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Diversity Role Models run workshops where preschoolers are encouraged to consider their role in creating a world where we all feel accepted. Together we made “Family Question Time”, bringing real-life LGBTQ+ families to life through charming animation.


The film will be integrated into their dynamic lesson plan, introducing diverse family structures through recorded conversations that echo a Creature Comforts-esque humour and warmth.


Our second release is a music video bursting with diverse and colourful characters, epitomising the essence of Pride.  "Love is Love" is an original song from Phil Evans that normalises and celebrates LGBTQ+ families.


These films aim to embed inclusion and empathy in the next generation, as Miki Chojnacka, Chief Creative and Content Officer at Hopster says:

We know that every child is unique and different and so are their families. Right now, a child growing up with same-sexparents would never see their family represented on screen. We wanted to change that.”

The issue of LGBTQ education is a pressing issue, so we're incredibly proud to play a part in destigmatising the subject and teaching preschoolers to love and respect each other regardless of creed, colour or sexuality.

Production Art

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Directed by PICNIC Studio
Character Design - Ellie Petrova
Animation - Ellie Petrova, Jeremy Carlen
Sound Design - Phil Evans
Commissioned by Hopster

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