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Bear Nibbles - Case Study

Bear Nibbles

 Creating a screen identity for a brand icon.


 We have worked closely with the Urban Fresh Foods and Disney to bring the Bear brand to life. Giving a strong and distinctive personality to the bear character through our skills of character development, illustration and animation.

Over the past three years we have created 10 animated advertisements running across the Disney network to promote 4 different products; Yo Yo Bears, Bear Claws, Bear Paws and Alphabites.


Meet Bear


Until our involvement, Bear had only existed as a silhouette logo on the product packaging so it was our job to bring him to life - big and burly, fearsome but friendly. It was clear that there was potentially a great deal of value in developing the Bear character into a more active mascot for the brand.


Wholesome,  nutritious - seriously tasty!

We were initially commissioned by Disney to create a commercial for the launch of Alphabites cereal and was aimed at both parents and at children.


Kids & Mums

The aim of the first commercial was to establish in the minds of parents the core brand values of Bear products. These are that as well as looking fun and appealing to children, and being very tasty, they were also wholesome and nutritious. Aimed at both parents and children, we created a world for Bear that captured a classic Disney feel, invoking a trustworthy, wholesome vibe that reinforced the brand values of the product range - reassuring for parents.   


Kids 3-7


Subsequent commercials for Bear Paws and Bear Claws products were aimed more directly at children aged from 3-7 and as a result were more playful and colourful, with the colours reflecting the different flavours available.  


Promoting the collectables 


As part of the brand strategy Bear has developed a number of assets that can be collected by children. So far these have been glow in the dark Monstrous Magnets (character based monsters in the form of letters) and trading cards. We created two commercials aimed at 3-7 year olds to encourage them to collect the special edition magnets found in packs of Claws and Paws.


It is however the Bear trading cards that have reached legendary status among older children between the ages  of 7-12 and have in return helped to develop and maintain the brand profile to an ever increasing audience.

Inside every pack of Bear Paws, Claws Yo Yos and Alphabites, is one or more collectable trading cards that can be collected to form complete sets.

We have been asked to illustrate a few sets of  the cards. Part educational, part fun, the theme of the first set was Bear Super Species School, an academy of animals from around the world, each with a super power based on their real life abilities. Bear himself would be the headmaster and a legion of other animals would be the teachers and students.


100 Characters - each with a story. 

Bear briefed us on the names and abilities of each animal. We then developed the look and characteristics as well as the situations they would be caught up in.


Each design was then conceived so a whole backstory was visible in a single image. With one look, you can tell a character’s place in the school socially and their moods and behaviours.


A selection of the characters were then brought together in a 30 second TV commercial. Bear trading cards have become hugely popular and have been seen being traded on eBay!  


Further Projects 2016-17


We have recently completed a series of commercials for Bear's new Time Travel range of trading cards, taking Bear and his friends into the distant past and the far future as part of a push to boost Alphabites at the start of the 2017 school year.


Production Art


Directed and Produced by PICNIC
Client -
Bear Nibbles
Producers at Disney - Angela Affinita, Jake Markwell
Backgrounds - Yann Benedi, Bali Engle
Animation - Chris Sayer, Aleksander Saharovsky, James Wignall

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