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Bear Trading Cards




After producing their Alphabites and Paws commercials, Bear asked us to illustrate their next set of trading cards included in each pack of Bear YoYo's. They had already produced several sets in the past which are now highly prized and sought after by kids across the country.

Picnic Studio - Bear Trading Cards - Super Species


Their new idea was the Bear Super Species School, an academy of animals from around the world, each with a super power based on their real life abilities. Bear himself would be the headmaster and a legion of other animals would be the teachers and students.

Four frat houses would split the animals into groups; the sneaky reptiles, lumbering giants, jock types and bookish nerds.



Bear briefed us on the names and abilities of each animal. We then together developed the look and characteristics as well as the situations they would be caught up in.

Each design was then conceived so a whole backstory was visible in a single image. With one look, you can tell a characters place in the school socially and what their mood and behaviours are.


Picnic Studio - Bear Trading Cards - Super Species


Over several months, and while producing even more commercials for Bear, the cards were designed and illustrated.

Picnic Studio - Bear Trading Cards - Super Species


Bear imagined the school itself as a mix of Magic, science and nature colliding in a colourful and barely contained chaos. A general plan was made for the school and each creature was assigned an area where they would study. 

Picnic Studio - Bear Trading Cards - Super Species


Bear gave us an idea of what they would like to see in the commercial as well the characters they wanted to feature. We worked with our frequent collaborators at Disney to find a way of squeezing all the action into one 30 second block.


Many characters underwent multiple changes and some were cut from the final selection. These are some of our favourites that didn't quite make it.