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Commissioned through the BBC, and made in co-production with Mosaic Films, this collection of short films explore common mental health issues faced by young children aged 8-13. Using personal testimonies of their experiences, each film explores a range of topics including OCD, Depression, Anorexia, Panic, being bullied, and being a bully.

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These shorts are now used in classrooms to educate young people in identifying and seeking help if they face similar mental health issues


Viscerally distinctive animation bridges the gap between the 'real' and inner worlds of each child



Directors: Andy Glynne, Liam O’Connor
Series Producer: Anita Norfolk
Animation Producer: Daniela Hornskov Sun
Storyboard: Talía Bordallo, Bastien Letoile, Alvise Zennaro
Colour Boards: Tristan Ménard
Character Artwork: Esther Lalanne
Background Artwork: Ada Polcyn
2D Animation: Jennifer Belobi, Sean Graves, Steve Kirby, Tom Stockley, Seijin Thomas, Mac Wojcik, Alvise Zennaro
Music and Sound Design: Alex Parsons

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