Picnic Animation Studio London
Picnic is a multi-discipline animation studio taking story, character and good ideas from script to screen.



Since 2013 we've been making commercials, shorts and live visuals.
We're obsessed with story & design and exploring them in new ways.   
Our brand new venture, Persona VR has just launched.

- More specifics please - 
2D & 3D Animation | VR | Script Writing | Storyboarding | Illustration | Character Design


- The Team - 

1. Liam O'Connor
Co-founder and Creative Lead

From the real North / Swiss army Man / Film brain / Blood, sweat and black Coffee.


2. Mina Song
Co-founder and Head of Strategy

South Korean / Traveller/ Mum / Attitude  / Marketing and new business / Books / Red wine.


3. Roger Odili
New Business Consultant

From the mean streets of Hertfordshire / History Grad / Smooth as a velveteen leopard-skin voice / Singer and Drummer / Occasional serenader.

4. Sam Wilkinson
Production Assistant

Eye-wateringly bright vintage shirts / Writer / Literature grad and amateur television critic / Indomitable researcher / Prosecco.


5. Jeremy Carlen
Lead Animator

Resident Australian / Marmite denier / Vegetarian / Hiking / Purveyor of Peculiar Swedish Treats

6. Daniela Hornskov Sun
Head of Production

Film aficionado / Climbing addict /  Languages / Shining beacon of organisation / Pianist / Danish-Chinese / Conversation and cocktails.


7. Esther Lalanne
Lead Illustrator

Parisian / Illustrator / Given the choice she’d draw all day every day / Hairy naked ladies and butts / Cheese and jam / Stripy clothes / Giggling.